How Can I Recover My Locked Facebook Account Without Email Address?

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms and has become an addiction for most of its users as they can't spend a day without scrolling down their timeline. The platform provides great features and an amazing interface that gives you the best experience.

But users also have to pay the price if they try to violate any regulations as Facebook locks the account of that individual. The platform can lock your account for many various reasons.

The major ones being if someone reports your account, if you add too many random people, and if you are caught involved in suspicious activities like hacking among other reasons.

If you are one of those users who has been locked out of his Facebook account and to add insult to injury, also does not have access to his email, then today we bring you a simple solution using which you can unlock your Facebook account without the email address.

Steps To Unlock Facebook Account With The Help Of Trusted Contacts

1. Open your web browser to visit the official login page of Facebook.
2. Fill out your correct username and password in the given fields.
3. Now, from the Facebook security page, choose the "no longer have access to these" option
by skipping entering the recovery email address or mobile number.
4. Next up, enter an email address that can be accessed by you.
5. Click on the "reveal my contacts" option.
6. You will need to enter the name of the friend who is a trusted contact on your account.
7. Send this link to your friend,, and tell him to visit this
8. Your friend will receive a code. Ask your friend to tell you that code and enter the code in
the given field.
9. Create a new password now to recover your locked Facebook account.

You can use these steps to recover your locked Facebook account.

For more queries, you may visit the Facebook help center.

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